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Good Day from Southsea - Crow's-eye View of Local Landmarks

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

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Early this morning....

Drone photo of Southsea by Ian Crowson Photography.

Good Day from Southsea, the sunrise was beautiful in the east, the wind had eased to a mere 15 knots from the South West. I had my smaller drone, DJI Phantom 4 Pro on my back.

Here is this image taken from 120 meters or 400 feet the Pyramids Leisure centre stands out in the foreground, middle distance on the left is Southsea Castle built by Henry 8th, Southsea Skate Park middle right, The D Day Museum, Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Portsmouth Harbour Entrance and the Spinnaker Tower

Visibility was very good, the Isle of Wight shoreline about ten or more miles away is showing. The photo was shot at 0733, around 40 minutes after sunrise.

The light is warm and the shadows long. Photography is a lot to do with light and where the sun or whatever light source is in relation to the camera and your subject. With drone photography I've found a low sun giving longer shadows and behind or to one side of the camera gives the most impressive results for landscape views.

Camera settings aperture f9, shutter speed 1/60, ISO 100.

The Phantom 4 Pro has a fixed focal length lens, fairly wide at 8.8mm or in 35 mm format equivalent 24mm. There is distortion which can be easily corrected in Photoshop CC (I've not done that in this case)

For those who would like to see more here is a video I made.

Happy snapping,

bye from crow's-eye in Southsea

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