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Good Day from Southsea Jane Birkin in Carcassonne

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Jane Birkin, actress, singer, songwriter and model was a sixties heart throb. Her song duet with lover Serge Gainsbourg was banned by the BBC. It was not so much the words of Je t'aime moi non plus but the sound effects! It was sung in French anyway, perhaps the BBC was protecting the linguists amongst us!

I captured this image during Jane's live outdoor performance at Carcassonne in July 2013. the stage was set up in the town square and I just could not get to the front of the standing crowd.

I used my Nikon D800 and f4 24-120mm lens held high above my head. I set the camera in manual at maximum apreture of f4, shutter 1/100th sec and ISO1250. I did get a few meter readings first to get an idea of what exposure was needed.

If I was using my later D850 which has a better high ISO performance I would use a faster shutter speed and set auto ISO. I would do this not so much as for camera movement but to freeze any subject movement. The image stablisation helped with any camera movement ok.

High ISO performance improves with every new camera model. The Nikon D800 was followed by D810 and then the D850, each better at high ISO.

The lens was zoomed right out to 120mm and the image stablisation worked to produce a fairly sharp image.

This was one of about six good captures I made, I like this one as the story is there, her smile is captured, the mic can be seen in hand,

A photo should tell a story. This is Jane Birkin performing live on stage,

bye from Crow's eye

Here is the song from 1968..................

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