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Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera. The view of a photographer

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Good Day from Ian Crowson Photography in Southsea. Here are my first thoughts on my new Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera.

The Nikon Z6, my view, just brilliant, just so right in the hand and to the eye. I'm just so impressed and in love with my new Z6. Firstly I must make it clear these are my opinions as an experienced photographer and Nikon user. I paid the full retail price, I have no connection with Nikon or any dealer.

The photos below are my initial quick snaps I made to get the feel of the Z6 and 24-70mm lens.

I chose the Z6 with the 24-70mm f4 kit lens

Compared to my Nikon D850 the Z6 is a lightweight neat little camera. Just right on a wrist strap to have ready for snapping. in the street or catching one of my grandchildren.

The controls are so easily used. The menu is Nikon and logical. The in-body image stabilisation is an excellent feature (specs suggest 5 stops) and so welcome for handheld captures in low light. This camera just feels so good to use, so much better than the Fuji X-T2 I traded in.. The full-frame sensor promises a great dynamic range and higher ISO performance. I've taken just a few dozen snapshots so far and am very pleased with the depth and colour.

Window light. F4.5 1/80th ISO1250 70mm. Cropped image.
I did not go for the more expensive Z7 which has a lot more megapixels to it's sensor (45.7 MP compared to the Z6's 24.5 MP)

This was partly due to having a D850 with 45.7 MP This produces big big files that have to be stored somewhere. The Z7 has more focus points but as I only ever use center focusing these would not be too useful.

My technique when say photographing a person is to get that little box to go green over the subject's nearest eye, hold the shutter half down, compose and shoot.

By the way I have not found a way on the Z6 to lock that focus area in the middle of the frame. Please let me know if you have solved this problem.

Nikon produces excellent coordinated systems. The Z6 works perfectly with my Nikon speed light flashguns. Using the smaller SB700 bounced off a white ceiling exposure was near perfect, maybe less than half a stop out as per all my captures so far with my Z6.

What I don't like:

The single card slot is worrying.

I feel exposed without my backup card. It's not so much that I worry a card might fail but the loss of images after I've uploaded to my computer and have formated the card. The answer is to have several cards and only format them much later after images have been backed up.

Not being able to lock the single point (spot) focus box

Not being able to lock the single point (spot) focus box

in the middle of the frame slows things down, especially in portrait, child and street photography when many photographers, including myself, use the technique of focusing on the eyes or whatever. I lock the focus with the shutter button half down and then compose. This is a very fast and accurate method of capturing images that ensures the subject is in focus.

Interestingly my Z6 seems to under expose by about half a stop in both RAW and jpeg.
Bounced flash. Nikon SB700

This is not too much of a problem as I only shoot in RAW. Small alterations to exposure are easily made in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom.

EXposure is subjective anyway. Many will like the slightly dark and cool images the Z6 produces straight from the camera in jpeg.

Monitor brightness plays a part, even if a laptop is charging or running from battery only has a part to play.

Window Light. f4.5, 1/40th, ISO 1250, at 70mm
The Adapter Is Clumsy

I also ordered the adapter which will allow me to use my many Nikon lenses. I've only tried a f1.4 50mm so far which performed well. It's a small lens anyway so the bulk of the adapter was not an issue. The adapter has a tripod screw which should be useful when using a longer zoom like the 70-200mmm.

One thing that put me off the camera was when I tried my 24-120mm with the Z6 and adapter in a local shop. This felt big, heavy and clumsy.

The kit F4 24-70mm lens is neat and feels well balanced on the Z6 body.

The Z6 is a great camera

Compared to the Fuji X-T2 I traded in the Z6 feels so good and controllable. Yes, the Fuji looks traditional, a bit like an SLR. However, in use, the Nikon feels great and promises excellent pleasing images.

Compared to the Fuji X-T2 I traded in it's so good and controllable. It is a bit bigger and heavier but it suits me. The Z6's battery life is not brilliant but much better than the Fuji X=T2 which can only be described as poor.

Full Review of the Z6

Here is a full review of the Nikon Z6 on ePhotozine the photo sharing and advice site.

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Good Day from Ian Crowson Photography in Southsea on the South Coast of England.

I bought my Nikon Z6 from WEX Photographic. The main reason being great service and the best trade-in prices I've come across. Far better than several well-known retailers.

And Hi to the Young Photographer of the Year..............................

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